Music and Chanting

Michael Ciborski: Reverence

Reverence: Fundamental Buddhist Chants from Plum Village Ceremonies

Melodic and beautiful solo chanting, accompanied with subtle harmonies and the bell, of Buddhist texts used in Plum Village Ceremonies.

1 – Incense Offering (2:31)
2 – Touching the Earth (10:06)
3 – Opening Verses (2:46)
4 – The Heart of Perfect Understanding (5:02) (Heart Sutra translation and chant from 1998)
5 – The Four Recollections (5:57)
6 – Closing Verses (1:34)
7 – The Insight That Brings Us to the Other Shore (6:29) (Heart Sutra translation from 2014, music by Brother Phap Linh)
8 – Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone (3:07)

The first six tracks on this CD are a compilation of chants that can form the base for many Plum Village ceremonies. Although I wrote the music, their words were written by Thich Nhat Hanh and many brothers and sisters in the Plum Village community, who translated and updated traditional Vietnamese chants, except for the invocation of the Buddha in the Opening Verses which is in Pali.

It is a great happiness for me to include track seven. It is Thay’s 2014 rewrite of the Heart Sutra, with music composed by Brother Phap Linh, a monk (and dear friend) living in Plum Village.
Track eight is a song made from the Bhaddekaratta Sutta, with words inspired from a translation by Sister Chan Duc in 1996 (an elder sister in Plum Village).
Years ago, Thay would often ask me to sing this song at public talks saying, “words by the Buddha, music by Brother Michael.

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